Love those slimy veggies in your plastic produce bags?

Nah, us either.

The water that many stores spray on the produce can make it rot quickly in plastic bags. Our mesh lets out the extra water. Store it in your refrigerator produce bin for the right mix of humidify and chill.

* Our produce bags are large capacity (12″ x 15″) and weigh less than .8oz.

* They are made from 100% nylon mesh with a ball stop closure and can be machine washed and dried.

* The mesh allows for scanning through the bag – no need to remove your items at the cash register.

* You can store your produce right in the bag – any water can exit right through the mesh, no more rotting veggies in plastic bags in your produce drawer!

* Store them in the included pack-it bag, or slip them into the outside pocket of your tote.

* Bonus pack-it bag is 5-1/2″ x 6″, and closes with a draw string and carabiner clip. It will hold 4 produce bags, snacks, playing cards, dice games, or other small items.

Why Esse?
(Customer quote)

The produce bags are great I love how they are breathable. Our grocery store just started rinsing all the produce which is great, until I put it in that plastic bag they offer and then (in my rush) throw in into the crisper drawer. Two days later when I am trying to make dinner, I realize my veggies have already (gone) bad. They had been sitting in water, in that plastic bag in the frig since I got home from the grocery two days earlier.

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Set of 4 reusable produce bags with convenient carry pack bag: