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Clip-on Bags

Forgot your bag again?

Just clip one on – you’ll never be without!

What’s So Special About Esse Clip-on Bags?

Our Clip-on bags are easy to keep up with  clip one to your purse, car keys, grocery bag tote or belt loop so you never reach the cash register without a bag. They are also small enough to drop in the bottom of your purse – it will be there whenever you need it!

* Our clip-on bag folds into a tiny 1″ x 2.5″ packet but folds out to 9″ x 12″ and can hold 20 pounds – that’s big enough to hold 3 bottles of wine, your take out dinner, or a quick load of groceries.

* They close with their own attached elastic band – no pouch to keep up with!

 Print clip-on folded

* Environmentally friendly – they are made from recycled water bottles (51% of the material is recycled PET) and will replace hundreds of plastic bags in their lifetime.

* Easy to take care of – they can be machine washed and line dried.

* Available in 4 great colors – black, berry, green, or moonlit print.

Why Esse?

My Esse Clip On Bags are life savers. They have come in handy so often. My husband and I love to go to flea markets and shows and so often vendors do not have bags. I always have my Clip On bag and probably use it at least once a week. My husband even says to me, “Do you have your Clip On Bag?” every time we go out. — Christy K., Alabama

I bought my first Esse clip-on bag so long ago that I don’t even remember when. It’s the only bag I have with me for 100% of my shopping trips. It folds so small that it isn’t in the way while clipped in my purse. I’ve used the traditional bags that fold flat, from Esse and other companies, but I don’t always remember to take them to my car after unpacking my shopping. My clip on goes right back in my purse and it’s there for me for every impromptu trip. — Heather D., Ohio

I get compliments almost every time I check out! Baggers and cashiers at the grocery store are amazed at how compact the bags are, how much the bags hold (especially the clip on!) and how neatly they fold up. I love them because they are the only bags that I am able to remember to carry with me consistently! — Elizabeth K., Florida

I take my Esse clip-on bag everywhere! I love that I can roll it up and keep it in my purse, or attached to a belt loop. When I attend farmer’s markets or craft fairs, I always have a bag handy to carry my purchases. — Kellee A., Ohio