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Insulated Bags

Trying To Keep Things Cold?

Our cooler bag will keep your frozen food cold until you get home!
(weather dependent)

What’s So Special About Esse Insulated Bags?

* They are strong – Esse grocery bags can hold up to 35 pounds!

Keep your cold food cold – with our insulated grocery bag.

* Insulated with reflective foil film, and the top zips closed to keep cold air inside!

Filled insulated bag

* Luggage-grade construction.

They will hold up for years of regular use.

* Neat and organized

The insulated bags fold into an 8″ square and snap closed for storage, and fit neatly in the convenient carry tote.

* Easy to take care of

They can be machine washed and line dried.

* Sized like a paper grocery bag (14″ x 15.5″ x 8″) – but the handles won’t break!

4 of our bags fit neatly in a standard shopping cart, and you can fill them to the top.

* Environmentally friendly

One reusable bag replaces hundreds of plastic bags in their lifetime.

Why Esse?

I shop in places that are one to 4 hours away, sometimes more, and the insulated bag is fantastic, especially since it has a nice zipper closure! I have been able to keep things frozen, I can toss a frozen pack into the bag & it helps tremendously when I am coming back — Elizabeth P., New Mexico

My favorite product by far was the insulated grocery bag… I have four or five that I take to the grocery store every week and a carry-all tote. I get complimented on them all the time. What I love most comma is how much you can load into them to save you trips from the car to the house and how well that they keep your food cold with the zipper top. — Katie M., Texas