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Multi-bag Tote

Wish Your Bags Were More Organized?

Our Amazing Carryall Tote

No more searching for your bags or dropping them on your way into the store – they’re neatly sitting in your tote!

What’s So Special About Esse Totes?

* We keep you organized! Our grocery tote neatly holds Esse grocery bags, insulated bags, everyday bags, clip-on bags and produce bags – plus has room for your list, coupons, and store cards.

* Extra pockets – we make it easy to keep up with your coupons or shopping lists – just slide them into the outside pocket.

* Easy to remember – the tote is small enough to sit next to your seat in the car (9″ x 8″ x 4″).

* Easy to carry – the sturdy adjustable handle can be long enough to carry on your shoulder or short like a handbag.

* Room for other bags too! Produce or shopping bags can slip into the outside tote mesh pockets. The mesh pockets will also hold a water bottle, handy if you’re walking to the grocery store.

* Stylish and fun color choices! Reusable bags don’t have to cramp your style! We have lots of good-looking options you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with.


Why Esse?

My sister-in-law gave me the tote with all the bags one year as a gift. I loved it so much and found it so convenient that I started buying them as gifts for friends and family. Without exception everyone I have given them to have told me how much they love the product! — Serene A., Minnesota

I’m an object of great interest at any store I visit with my tote full of bags on my shoulder. Pulling out one after another as I bag groceries never fails to get a laugh and a comment from bystanders, and most of the time it ends with “Where in the world did you find those?” With my tote full of three grocery bags and a clip-on with three shopping bags attached to the strap I’ve got enough baggage to shop all day without having to run back to the car for another bag. I love that! They’re attractive (one shopper made a comment about my “trendy stylish matching bags”) and so convenient! I vaguely remember stuffing store-imprint bags into the seat in the shopping cart and thinking about what an annoyance that was as I never had exactly the ones I needed. Your set took care of that nicely. I bought a set for each of my friends who showed an interest and keep a set in each of my vehicles. Perfect!” — Joanne F., New Jersey 

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