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About Us

Thanks for visiting! I’m Carol, the current owner of Esse Reusable Bags.

Esse Reusable Bags has been in business since 2008. The company started when 2 moms came up with the goal of “containing the madness” of single use plastic and paper bags in their home and cars. The outcome of their quest was a custom designed set of reusable shopping bags that all folded neatly and stayed organized in a stylish easy to carry tote.

Today, the base design of the Esse Reusable Bag system is still in place – with bags for all of your shopping needs, including grocery, wine, produce, shopping, mall and quick clip bags. Everything still snaps or folds to stay organizes, and they all fit neatly in the tote bag – which can sit on your car console or in your trunk. The bags are all machine-washable and designed to last a long time with regular use.

Give us a try – and say “no” to paper and plastic! Esse: Everyday Solutions for Saving the Earth.