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Insulated Bag

Esse Reusable Bags

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Insulated Bag

* They are strong – Esse insulated bags can hold up to 35 pounds!

* Insulated with reflective foil film, and the top zips closed to keep cold air inside!

* Luggage-grade construction.

They will hold up for years of regular use.

* Neat and organized

The insulated bags fold into an 8″ square and snap closed for storage, and fit neatly in the convenient carry tote.

* Easy to take care of

They can be machine washed and line dried.

* Sized like a paper grocery bag (14″ x 15.5″ x 8″) – but the handles won’t break!

4 of our bags fit neatly in a standard shopping cart, and you can fill them to the top.

* Environmentally friendly

One reusable bag replaces hundreds of plastic bags in their lifetime.


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